To join any of the donation based classes, simply click on one of the links below

Breathing class 
Password 834656
Vinyasa flow 
Password 191255
Gentle seated flow
Password 834656

Zoom classes

For anyone and everyone who can't make it to a class at the moment, for whatever reason. A beautiful way to connect virtually and take your practice deeper. From slow flows, seated stretch outs, focused opening practices and slightly more dynamic sequences, there will be something for everyone and each class will be inspired by you and your feedback, so get in touch if you've any requests!

The classes are offered on a sliding scale of £5 - £15 - just click on the link below.


With love and light, Rebecca  

Getting started

Set Zoom up on your device

Download Zoom

Joining a Class

Main screen

Spotlight the teacher if you want a clearer image of the poses and would like to mute all the other yogis 


Switch it up

If you want to see all the other yogis in class.


Teacher only 



Place your mat roughly 12 feet from your webcam so I can see you 

If you use a Bluetooth ear piece with your laptop, make sure to disable Bluetooth and switch back to your normal speakers 


Video Transmission Issues


If your video stops streaming and I can't see you, it's not Zoom but your webcam

Just turn the webcam off or unplug it and turn it back on again plug it back in 

Make sure you've got block, belts, cushions, blankets or anything that makes your practice happier

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