Cloud Yoga Soul-cation

The Yoga Retreat with a Touch of Energetic Alchemy

As the days of lock-down draw to a close, and we prepare to step back out into the world, perhaps experiencing a little trepidation at the challenges to come, whatever they may be, why not take a moment to recharge, to soothe and to nourish with Soul-cation...

Welcome to your yoga soul-cation beautiful souls

Become a part of a deep, soul-felt dive into the enchanted world of energetic alchemy, breath-healing and yoga. An exploration into how your body works so that you can honour it and truly find peace there. 


We are going to create a cleansing and nourishing space where you can momentarily take stock, rejuvenate and recharge. 

Take my hand then, sparkling beings and join me as we step into the wilds of energetic healing and become the storm. 


Fate whispers to the warrior - You cannot withstand the storm

         The warrior whispers back - I am the storm


Who is the retreat for - anyone, anyone hoping to relax and restore in these challenging times. The course will be just as beneficial for those just stepping onto their mat for the first time as those with a regular practice searching for a little space, little peace and a little healing.  

The aim is to transcend stress, to shift out of our sympathetic fight or flight state and sink into our parasympathetic mode. The place where the  healing ignites, the immune system bounces back into action and the soul breathes. 

Drink soul cation 2.png

By stimulating the vagus nerve, which is what we will be doing throughout our retreat, we can tap into our innate internal wisdom and initiate momentous change.


Alchemy, pure and simple.


Soul-cation will offer you the tools to tap into this alchemy whenever you need it. 


The tools aren't evasive or complex, they are simple strategies used for thousands of years to bring homeostasis and harmony. 

Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th May

Day One 



11.30am - 12.30pm


The Power of Pranayama





Soft Seated and Lying Energy Alchemy Flow





Grounding Meditation 

With Gentle Stretch


Relax/Unwind/Let go



A pre-recorded Sleep Meditation. 

Day Two



11.30am -12.30pm

Chakras and Chanting



Soft Seated and Lying Energy Alchemy Flow 




Yoga Nidra

By Candle Light





Pre-recorded Sleep Mediation 

If one moment of breath awareness is possible, could one moment of breath direction also be possible......?

If one moment of breath guidance is cultivated, could one moment of peace be found within it....?

If one moment of peace is alighted upon, could more moments follow....?

If those moments, if those fragments of breath and peace became one and alchemised, could the direction of your life change....?

Might there be the possibility of the body opening and releasing its trauma....?


Of the body unfolding, much like the petals of a flower...? 


Could anything, anything at all, be within reach....?

Could this be your true journey brave soul....


To move fearlessly into the storm and walk out the other side with the power of the storm and all of it's majestic electricity held within you....?

Click below to step into the wilds of soul alchemy.... 

Once you've signed up, I'll send you your Soul-cation e-book, which contains all the info you might need for the course.

With love, Rebecca x 

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