Xenoestrogens - the sneaky mimickers

Xenoestrogens, the little fuckers are not easy to avoid or eradicate from our lives, they can be found in just about everything we use, from our soaps and shower gels to the very fabric of our homes.

We tend to think they’re harmless because the adverts say so.

So it’s all good. That woman on TV looks ecstatic to have freshly washed xenoestrogen-laden clothes (never a bloke - whole other issue right there).

It’s all good.

It’s easy to shrug, think fuck it, don’t care, and ignore these insidious chemicals as a potential health hazard, because surely life’s too short.

It is, yes it fucking is.

Annnd… that mascara is bloody lovely. Nothing smells quite like that antibacterial soap.

Clothes exude ripples of scented delight weeks after they’ve been washed, and you get to have shiny, bouncy fabulous hair.

Trouble is…they lurk these bollocking xenoestrogens. The fuckers lurk. And I don’t mean in the environment waiting to pounce (they do do that too though, the bastards), I mean inside us….

Oooh not so easy to dismiss now hey…no one likes a lurker.

They block hormones, bind them, fuck them up and because our bodies don’t know what to do with these chemical deviants, they get stored, in our fat cells where they… yep, you got it - lurk.

Guess what happens if you don’t have sufficient fat cells…wooo hooo, you make some!

How lovely is that? I know we’re all after a bigger belly and wobblier thighs.

They can cause a myriad of symptoms and diseases and are just generally incredibly disruptive all round, because destabilising hormones is never a good thing.

Nice bout of PMT anyone? Little bit of excess hair on your face? Little bit less on your head? How about some swelling and weight gain for no reason? Touch of acne? Cramps? Man boobs? Early menopause? Mass of inflammation? A nice autoimmune condition? Brain fog? Exhaustion? Or, perhaps something a little more serious, because that little lot wasn’t serious enough?

And, and, if you’re already struggling with your health because of Lyme or CFS/ME or Fibro or any of those chronic nasties, they can cause even more disruption, because we’re already at maximum capacity trying to manage the daily onslaught that these delightful conditions supply.

Xenoestrogens are classed as endocrine disruptors because they alter the way in which our hormones function, which in turn, alters every function within our bodies.

They’re basically, very basically, chemicals from our environments which are absorbed into our bodies as we wash in them, wash with them, wear them, breathe them, swallow them - and they mimic our own hormones. Which confuses our bodies and can lead to a situation where we become estrogen dominant. Too much estrogen. Not good.

Sooo, getting rid of the arseholes from our everyday lives, as much as we can, where we can is kind of a good fucking idea.

Not easy, though.

What is?

Not cheap.

What the fuck is?

And, quite frankly (I’m not going to dress it up at all), it’s all a bit of a bollocking nightmare.

The alternatives are often overpriced, underperforming and just goddamn annoying. No one wants shit hair, stupid skin or musty clothes.

I have found alternatives; I do generally use these alternatives.

But I’m not going to pretend they’re dogs bollox amazing. I’m just going to let you know of a few of the super nasty xenoestrogens, where they hide and share a few of the alternate products that don’t contain and do kind of work.

So, if you fancy dealing with a little less health shiteness, watch out for my next post and

you can give them a try.

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