Online Classes

One to one online classes are a beautiful way to welcome yoga into the comfort and serenity of your own space.


Each class is tailored to fit your individual needs and your body.



The classes are completely adaptable - should anything new or challenging arise.


An opportunity to take your power back;to heal and grow holistically and all from the comfort of your own home. 

The ability to expand or begin your Practice at your own pace.   

What you'll need
-A sticky-ish yoga mat
-Blocks and props if you like to use them 
-A belt, if you use one
-A good internet connection 
-A clear camera and microphone 

In person one to one classes are structured to suit you, your body, your mindset, your needs. 

They are designed to nourish, heal, strengthen and bring joy and flexibility to your life, heart and soul!

Practice in a calm safe environment where you can be you, without any judgement or pressure. 

Price per in person one to one -

1 hour class- £40
3 sessions -    £99

Rebecca's Skype 1-2-1s are amazing, honestly. She somehow has this rare quality of being able to connect with you, understanding you as a whole person and not as just a body.


Our yin yoga sessions have been terrific in keeping me mobile - I've been suffering from a 7-month hatha yoga sacroiliac joint injury with another teacher where we were just doing basic stretching. With Rebecca she's been helping me strengthen and deeply relax simultaneously.


Due to Lyme Disease I've only been able to walk for exercise for years so I am loving doing a different exercise to improve my situation. Our yoga is like a graceful dance soothing the body and mind. Afterwards I feel grounded for the rest of the day and although simple movements I feel I've accomplished a state of good health. Learning to breathe properly has been a game changer in my chronic health situation.


My Cloud Yoga sessions have been instrumental to changes in my lifestyle and Rebecca's thoughtful descriptions of movements make it easy to know what to do and understand why we're doing what. I always feel comfortable with Rebecca as she's so kind and non-judgmental. She's also really present with you and encouraging. I now have a love of yin yoga and will forever be thankful to Rebecca. I would love to continue our twice weekly 45min sessions for years!


Thank you so so much Rebecca, Alex.

Due to health reasons I have been (as yet) unable to have an interactive yoga session with Becca, but she has kindly sent me personalised and gentle videos to follow at my own pace - which I love. And I also adore her soothing meditations. 

Becca is one of those exceptional teachers who truly listens and tunes in. Her aim being to bring you home to yourself and trust yourself.

Her knowledge of yoga and health is extensive, and her own health challenges bring a deep compassion to the relationship.-which is perfect for those with chronic illness, pain and/or emotional conditions.

I trust Becca completely and feel both supported and inspired when I connect with her.


I cannot wait to build up our yoga therapy sessions together, Carly.

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