Cloud Yoga

I hope the videos below bring a little yoga into your space. A little peace into your hearts. A little calm into your minds. And a lot of healing into your lives.  

With love and light 

Janu Sirsasana - head to knee pose. To open hips and hamstrings.

Kapalabhati - breath of fire. A short seated flow starting with the breath of fire to cleanse, detox and warm.

A full body vinyasa flow to welcome in the new year!

Shoulders - A gentle 38 min vinyasa flow to open the shoulders

Nadi Shodhana/Alternate Nostril Breathing

A gentle seated and lying flow to open, stretch and bring healing to the body and mind

A soft and gentle flow to stretch out, circulate prana and heal

25 minute Gentle Bed/Sofa mini yoga sequence beautiful souls - to open the shoulders, the heart and circulate a little bit of life force

New Moon yoga for the astrological shifts. A soft seated and lying flow to bring balance, calm and ground

A gentle immune boosting flow

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