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Sometimes we just need to go inwards, explore our own capacity for healing, embrace it and allow our innate internal intelligence to guide us.

Sometimes we need a little something from outside to nudge us in the right direction.

The heal bundle is the gentle nudge, the soft encouragement to withdraw, to soften and allow your body and mind to find their balance.

With a soft slow flowing class, adapted to you, a deeply nurturing guided meditation, and a breathing class designed for your mind, body and soul HEAL nourishes and restores.


Heal -

for those with a little more time

 60 min soft flowing one-to-one yoga class

  30 min guided one-to-one meditation

 30 min breathing class.  


Available on on zoom or skype. 

Heal -

for a quick fix 


30 soft min flowing

one-to-one yoga class


15 min guided meditation


20 min breathing class


Available on zoom or skype.