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Cloud yoga was born within a raging  storm, 

It gave me strength when I had none and disaster turned to hope, 


It's my offering to anyone and everyone who wants to come home to a peaceful mind and healthy happy body, but especially to spoonies, to those struggling with any complex health condition.

It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, you're always welcome!


My classes are carefully structured to expand and strengthen the body while calming and soothing the mind and soul, so that you can become one again - with yourself and the world around you. 

Once you let me know a little about you, I'll go away and draw up a class plan before each session, to suit you, to meet your needs so that you feel heard, safe and supported in your yoga journey. 


I specialise in gentle, therapeutic yoga, breathing techniques and meditation for those on a healing journey from ill health or injury towards wellness be it Lyme Disease, CFS, ME, Fibromyalgia or anything else.


And trust me, I get it, I'll listen. I will never push, cajole or make judgements - ever - because it's bollocks and I've experienced too many practitioners like that!

I would love to hear from you beautiful yogi's. Just get in touch below.

With love, 


Online one to one classes, tailored to fit into your lifestyle, whatever that is. Just Click on the button for more info! 

Classes designed especially for you, in person at my little studio in Fechenheim, just outside Frankfurt,. Click the button for more info!

Small group classes building cardiovascular strength, flexibility and serenity. Click the button for more info! 

Fate whispers to the warrior -


'You cannot withstand the storm'.

The warrior whispers back -

'I am the storm'.

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Hello, I’m Rebecca, the founder of Cloud Yoga London, a yoga teacher from…yep you guessed it, London, currently living in Frankfurt.


I’m a yoga teacher with a slight difference. A health difference. Which while sometimes challenging and complex, is also the reason that yoga has become my passion.


After falling ill with Lyme Disease (that wasn’t spotted or treated twenty years ago), I started practicing yoga as a healing modality, and it has transformed my life in ways I could never have imagined. Not in a million years.


Yoga was my life raft, a desperate escape from the pain I was in, something I clung to without faith….


It has become my joy, and my everything.


Keen to share the wonders I’ve been so lucky to pick up along the way, I decided to start teaching yoga, and have been truly humbled by the beautiful people I’ve been blessed enough to work with.


The true warriors of this world, those struggling to find their way, to find their health, to find their true joy. The open hearted, the open minded, the brave.


I’m awed by them, and honoured to walk among them.  


From my heart to yours beautiful people, Namaste.

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