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Hello beautiful souls and welcome to Cloud Yoga.  

I'm a yoga teacher with a slight difference. A health difference, which while sometimes challenging and complex, is also the reason I discovered yoga and went on to develop energy based flows for everyone at every level to cultivate life force/qi and instigate self healing throughout body, mind and soul.

Because I have Lyme Disease and spent all of my twenties bed bound and had to navigate my way back from severe cognitive issues, extreme anxiety, the inability to walk, talk and function on any level, I truly understand the limitations imposed by chronic ill health. I understand the frustrations, the fear, the heart ache and the loss.

It is my aim to help you reclaim your power, your well-being and to walk beside you as you discover a beautiful, joyful, healthy future. 

While I  specialise in virtual online one to one classes for all the beautiful souls who find it difficult to make a class, for whatever reason, because that was me, for many years, I also teach vinyasa power flows, strength building and metabolism enhancing classes. 

It's been my honour to work with the brave warriors who have PTSD, anxiety issues, trauma, pain, injuries and complex health conditions and if you have any questions, at all, please feel free to get in touch.

My classes range from -


Therapeutic - perfect for anyone looking for softer, gentler routines designed to heal, where  energy and breath work are the vital components and incorporated to ground, rejuvenate and soothe.


Vinyasa - of all descriptions, including more cardio based ladder flows and mandala dancing sequences all designed to unite body and mind - bringing strength, flexibility and harmony to every aspect of everyday life.

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