About Rebecca

Rebecca first became  interested in all things health related when she fell severally ill just after graduating from university and was misdiagnosed with M.E..


Told to accept a life of disability, cognitive decline and pain, which left her bed bound, house bound and unable to function in any capacity for years, Rebecca decided to adopt a more holistic approach to healing than her doctors could offer.  After discovering she had Lyme disease, EDS and a compromised immune system, she began to  read everything and anything about self healing techniques and modalities.    


From a competitive swimming background,  she understood the importance of breath regulation, and from there dived head first into the world of yoga and yoga  as medicine. 


Now a certified yoga teacher, Rebecca uses a unique approach to  healing and fitness, which incorporates everything she's  learned along the way.


Her classes are a combination of energy work, yoga therapy and pranayama  which are for everyone  at any level.  


Because Rebecca knows what it's like to feel beyond awful, to be in extreme pain, without energy, to feel anxious, overwhelmed and without hope, she completely understands how hard it is to trust a teacher not to make things worse and promises to hear, see and walk beside you in your well being journey. 

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