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Hey beautiful people, 

I'm Rebecca, a recovering from Lyme yogi.


I'm a reluctant health warrior with a passion for clean living (that drives everyone around me insane), and the tendency to alternate between sarcasm and taking the piss.

Barely a day passes when I'm not attempting to drain sluggish lymphs, use a brain that's been on holiday for the last twenty years and encourage a completely uncooperative everything else to get off it's arse and fucking work.



I found myself embarking on this alternately mind blowing and absolutely bollocks (mainly bollocks) journey that is recovering from a long term health nightmare (Lyme Disease), without the support of modern western medicine nearly twenty years ago. 

They (doctors in the main, not all but most) do not know a thing about Lyme Disease.  And they aren't interested. They are interested in labels, symptom control and smirking, as far as I can tell. Shouting if you push them. I've pushed quite a few of them. 

Which leaves two options. 1- give up and give in. 2- fight like a lunatic, and be labelled as one.


Number one is pretty much a drawn out death sentence. Number two is war, and not very yogic

Cloud Yoga is dedicated to all the warriors out there, no matter your tribe, the illness or challenge dogging you or your situation.


The brave brave souls who are not giving up. Not giving in. Not backing down.


Those who fight daily without recognition, understanding or empathy. 


Those who are truly beautiful to behold and a breathtaking inspiration to anyone wise enough to notice.  

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