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Hey beautiful people, 

I'm Rebecca, a recovering from Lyme yogi.


I'm a reluctant health warrior with a passion for clean living (that drives everyone around me insane), and the tendency to alternate between sarcasm and taking the piss.

Barely a day passes when I'm not attempting to drain sluggish lymphs, use a brain that's been on holiday for the last twenty years refusing to take calls or answer emails, and encourage a completely uncooperative everything else to get off it's arse and fucking work.


Barely a minute of the day passes when I'm not mind blown at the ridiculousness of how I'm forced to live my life. Low histamine, zero grain, low lectin, high protein, kind of paleo, low carb, zero preservative, nutritionally dense diet anyone? A nice meditation to wash it all down? Touch of yoga nidra to nail the coffin of normality well and truly closed? How about an epsom salt bath to stimulate your sulfation pathway? Castor oil pack? Spot of rebounding?


I can consequently either be found detoxing (sweating like a bastard in my broken battered not the right type - can't afford the right type - sauna), enema-ing, dry body brushing or standing under a cold shower trying not to pass out. It's truly joyous. No really, I'd highly recommend it (I'm seriously not recommending it).  

I found myself embarking on this alternately mind blowing and absolutely bollocks (mainly bollocks) journey that is recovering from a long term health nightmare (Lyme Disease), without the support of modern western medicine nearly twenty years ago (that's when my brain went on holiday) when I realised (like a blow to the back of the head with a sledge hammer), that they don't know what the fuck they're doing.


They (western doctors in the main, not all but most) do not know a bloody thing about Lyme Disease. Or nutrition, which you kind of need to be aware of  - because the Lyme's fucked your body and you no longer assimilate minerals, vitamins or anything fucking useful from your food. Or detoxing, which you kind of need to be aware of - because the Lyme's fucked your body and blocked all of your detoxification pathways. Or healing, which you need to be all over and holistic as fuck about - because the Lyme's fucked your body (you've probably got the gist). And they aren't interested. They are interested in labels, symptom control and smirking, as far as I can tell. Shouting if you push them. I've pushed quite a few of them. 

Which leaves two options. 1- give up and give in. 2- fight like a lunatic, and be labelled as one.


Number one is pretty much a drawn out death sentence. Number two is war, and not very yogic, but there you go. Whatever doesn't kill you... had better fucking run kind of thing. Apparently I should attempt to refrain from using that as my yoga logo.  

I would really like to get off this train, step away from the battle and go home. Back to the place that makes sense, where my body works and I get to live my life like a normal person. I'd like a nine to five, a nice house, a couple of kids and a really fast car.

As that's not a fucking option, and I'm morbidly curious to see which new depths of hell I might experience this year, I'm just going to have to go with the flow. See where this journey takes me. I've got a feeling it could be truly, well all right-ish in the end. It could also be utterly shit....


Cloud Yoga is dedicated to all the warriors out there, no matter your tribe, the illness or challenge dogging you or your situation. Those brave brave souls who are not giving up. Not giving in. Not backing down. Those who fight daily without recognition, understanding or empathy just to get through the day because the cards you've been dealt are fucking shit. Those who are truly beautiful to behold and a breathtaking inspiration to anyone wise enough to notice.  

It's for all those who haven't got full health, for all those who have - but it's wobbly, for all those who have and want to keep it, for all those curious about healing (possibly not in a spa day pretty nails lots of chemicals way), and for all those who willingly step outside of the neat fucking little boxes over and over again. Those who ask all the wrong questions to get the right answers, all those who watch the news, listen to the world around them and consistently say - you're fucking joking

Cloud Yoga is also for those curious to see just how unhinged I actually am, how far I'm willing to go in the pursuit of health and where it will lead in a car crash wtf kind of way (my family and ex partner are in this latter category and possibly wonder why I haven't either killed myself by accident with my complete disregard for caution when trying new and absurd things - or been sectioned).

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