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Welcome beautiful

I’m so happy you're here! Yoga, energy work, breathing and meditation have brought so much joy to my life, so much peace, so so much healing that I just can't wait to share the magic! 


Find each days videos below

Any questions, before during or afterwards, please don't hesitate to ask....

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Bringing in the Light


Everything begins and ends with the breath. We inhale and we inspire, we exhale and for the briefest of moments we surrender, expire and within this alchemy a place of balance is found. Breathe is the foundation of a whole nourishing yoga practice. Breathe deep my love!


To move is to release the body mind and find comfort where there may have been tightness and dis-ease. To stretch is to open the meridians, the nadis, the energy channels. To unite breathe and movement, is to invite healing and increase vibrant, grounded energy flow. Stretch it out beautiful souls! 


When breath and movement become one, when we begin to find our power, our own internal light, we begin to dance with the universe and fall into a free flow of energy transference. Dance with me! 


When the juicy light filled dancing energy of the universe is aligned with the breath, the stretch and the intention, only good things can happen. Let it all flow!


To be offered the opportunity to find a still space is to discover a safe harbour, an internal retreat. Within this space lies your true power. Lets find your sacred space sweet of heart!

Day 1

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Breathing Introduction

20 Minute Breathing 

Day 2


Stretching and Opening 

20 Minute Opening Flow

Day 3


Dancing with the Universe

20 Minute Dancing Flow

Day 4 



20 Minute Uniting Flow

Day 5

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20 Minute Guided Meditation
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