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No matter what you're looking for, the answer always lies within you. It took me so long to work that out. 

Whether you're searching for healing, an increased sense of well being and fitness, or just for a beautifully choreographed sequence to flow along to, I would love to be a part of your journey.


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Rebecca's Skype 1-2-1s are amazing, honestly. She somehow has this rare quality of being able to connect with you, understanding you as a whole person and not as just a body.


Our yin yoga sessions have been terrific in keeping me mobile - I've been suffering from a 7-month hatha yoga sacroiliac joint injury with another teacher where we were just doing basic stretching. With Rebecca she's been helping me strengthen and deeply relax simultaneously.


Due to Lyme Disease I've only been able to walk for exercise for years so I am loving doing a different exercise to improve my situation. Our yoga is like a graceful dance soothing the body and mind. Afterwards I feel grounded for the rest of the day and although simple movements I feel I've accomplished a state of good health. Learning to breathe properly has been a game changer in my chronic health situation.


My Cloud Yoga sessions have been instrumental to changes in my lifestyle and Rebecca's thoughtful descriptions of movements make it easy to know what to do and understand why we're doing what. I always feel comfortable with Rebecca as she's so kind and non-judgmental. She's also really present with you and encouraging. I now have a love of yin yoga and will forever be thankful to Rebecca. I would love to continue our twice weekly 45min sessions for years!


Thank you so so much Rebecca, Alex.

Rebecca is a warm, friendly, compassionate and wise yoga teacher. I genuinely always feel better after attending her classes.


She offers creative guided meditations towards the end of her yoga classes which her soothing voice is perfect for.


It's clear that she is passionate about yoga as she really knows her stuff and walks her talk!


I highly recommend Cloud Yoga!  Jules

Rebecca is inspirational. She is exceedingly empathic so understands quickly what you're saying and thus what you need. I find her classes transformative: she has tremendous knowledge of how body, mind and soul connect so the effect is on every level. Her calmness combined with her wide knowledge is very grounding. Kathryn.

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Due to health reasons I have been (as yet) unable to have an interactive yoga session with Becca, but she has kindly sent me personalised and gentle videos to follow at my own pace - which I love. And I also adore her soothing meditations. 

Becca is one of those exceptional teachers who truly listens and tunes in. Her aim being to bring you home to yourself and trust yourself.

Her knowledge of yoga and health is extensive, and her own health challenges bring a deep compassion to the relationship.-which is perfect for those with chronic illness, pain and/or emotional conditions.

I trust Becca completely and feel both supported and inspired when I connect with her.


I cannot wait to build up our yoga therapy sessions together, Carly.

I have been practicing yoga weekly at Cloud Yoga for just over a year now and cannot think more highly of Rebecca and her classes. Rebecca herself is kind, accepting, respectful and simply astounding in her knowledge of yoga, health and wellbeing. Her classes are a safe space, I never feel like I have to perform or push myself but always feel supported and gently guided through the flow at my own pace. The classes truly unite mind, body and soul with an emphasis on healing and balancing energy. I am recovering from M.E/CFS and the energy I have fluctuates massively but Rebecca always encourages you to rest when you need to in the class and I always feel like I can, without any judgment. I look forward to the Sunday Zoom Restorative session every single week and am in awe of how Rebecca manages to keep every class calming and grounded yet also diverse with new sequences, breath work or meditation in each one. It is a beautiful retreat from the world and into yourself, with a wonderful teacher who really understands the body as a whole. Would recommend to anyone.  Nicole

I feel so lucky. 


Lucky to have been introduced to Rebecca - her Yoga world, my yoga journey. 


Rebecca is a very special someone who has the gift of teaching, totally focusing on you.  Coming into and being a part of her magical yoga world has changed the way I look at life. 


My classes with Rebecca bring joy to my week.  I love how I am learning to release and relax more with all the different stretches and moves, and how Rebecca gives such fascinating explanations as to their origins.  I love how we also take the odd moments to laugh! 


Rebecca’s meditations are a beautiful way to end each session.  When we say “Namaste”, I feel positive, happy and strong. 


Thank you, Becca.  I wish you all that you give from yourself. Carole.

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